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past for the  modern 



A London Based Brand, Inspired by British Adventurers that raced to Ascend the Beautiful Mountain, Matterhorn.  It lies on the border of it Italy and Switzerland and often considered the most beautiful in the world.  At the base is a small picturesque town, Zermatt.


Known for its long history of great watchmaking, combined with great British Exploration's history, our branding inspiration came from and is dedicated to these great British explorers, mountaineers & adventurers. While we are not Swiss Made, It is a goal we would love to reach for in the future.


In 1865, in the Era of The Golden Age of Alpinism, two British explorers raced to become the first to ascend the Matterhorn.  For Years, Edward Whymper, and John Tyndall, both highly educated Englishmen, engaged in a race to reach the peak of the Matterhorn. On 14th July 1865, after 7 attempts, Whymper  ( pictured on the left), and his team were the first to Ascend the Matterhorn.   

Due to the lack of equipment, unlike nowadays, explorers had to be extremely strong, resilient & daring in their Strive for exploration. Such as Explorers turned Mountaineers, Edward & John, who used ropes, and wooden ladders to summit the Matterhorn. This resilience and commitment from these great explorers will be instilled in our values as a brand.


Inspired by these past Adventurers, particularly in Alpinism, I set out on my own adventure starting in November 2019. As a watch enthusiast, and with a bit more time on my hands, my dream was to produce a watch by myself.  In doing so, and after seeing the quality, I decided to launch it as a brand. Inspired by these adventures, I branded it Matterhorn. Be It Diving (Divemaster 300), Climbing, or Exploring. 

A brand committed to building good quality tool watches at an affordable price.

Built from high-quality components to ensure that your watch is able to withstand all elements of life. Below the surface, and Above. 

Every watch will be tested, and pass quality control in London prior to being dispatched. For further peace of mind, every watch will come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on movement, and defects.  

Matterhorn Watch Co.'s values will always lie on Integrity, Quality & Perseverance on improvement.



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